Deodato Siquir

Recognized as one of his country’s greatest musical talent.

A drummer and a vocalist from Mozambique.

Through his swinging compositions you will be taken on a musical journey around the world.

Mozambican beats such as Marrabenta, Muthimba and Muganda are mixed with Island grooves and cool Scandinavian Jazz, played expertly resulting in a vibrant and sophisticated sound. Add soft poetic singing in a mix of Tonga, Portuguese and English lyrics focusing universal themes.

Peace, Health & Prosperity.

Deodato Siquir


Drums, Vocal - Deodato Siquir


By the age of 11 Deodato taught himself to play on a homemade drum set comprised of garbage bins and other improvised components.

At 15 years old he was performing with professional orchestras, including his first group, Jasde. From 1991 to 2000 Siquir worked as a sideman, performing with musicians such as Mateus Vilanculos and Sungura Thswa, Zamoc Stars,Tchika Fernando, Baba Harris, Lote Paulo, Valy & Abdul Camal, Paulo Wilson, Dua Maciel and Stewart Sukuma.

Delighted by zouk and other styles popular in Mozambique, while also inspired by the world of jazz, Siquir began experimenting with composition and singing.

Siquir relocated to Sweden in 2001.


“Deodato Siquir’s infectious smile and livewire live performances are likely to spread beyond the circle of admirers he has established in Scandinavia since 2001.”

Daniel Brown - Mondomix

Electric Bass - Linley Marthe


He has been wowing audiences around the world with his incredible musicianship and deep groove. A master of electric and upright bass as well as piano.

Linley’s sound and style have made him one of the most sought-after sidemen in the world. He is a composer and arranger for many artists on his native Maurice Island.

Marthe was the last in a long line of great bassists (including Jaco Pastorius) to perform and record with the late, great keyboardist, Joe Zawinul. Marthe has performed with the Paco Sery Group, Antoine Herve, Michel Portal, François Jeanneau Quartet, Francis Lassus, Nguyen Le, Louis Winsberg, Karim Ziad, Cheb Mami, Mino Cinelu, Richard Galliano and Monika Njava.

" Linley is just a phenomenon. I don’t know if there is anybody who can touch him in terms of overall bass playing."

Joe Zawinul

Piano - David Bäck


Piano player from Sweden, graduated from the Gothenburg music university, the winner of The Classic Jazz Competition in Sweden 2009.

He has been touring in Africa, Middle East and Europe with a number of jazz constellations including his own Bäck Brothers Jazz Tivoli and World Music Culture Club.

As a side man he has been collaborating with Bohusläns Big Band,Nils Landgren, Nils-Bertil Dahlander, Jive Connection and South African musicians as Vusi Mahlasela and Thandiwe Mazibuko.




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